Common Effluent Treatment Plants

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Common Effluent Treatment Plants

Effluents produced by a cooperative group of small companies can be treated by a single CETP. Construction of an effluent treatment plant requires a considerable amount of land, as well as a significant amount of money, energy and expert personnel. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to maintain their own wastewater treatment facilities due to the high cost of a typical ETP plant. The Common Wastewater Treatment Plant (CETP) now plays an important role in treating the combined effluent from all small and mid-sized companies in one location. CETPs can be used by a wide range of facilities to collect and treat effluents, which can be of different types and sizes. At Enviro Infra Engineers, we have constructed many different common effluent treatment systems (CETS).
Common Effluent Treatment Plants by Enviro Infra Engineers We provide specialised, tailor-made solutions for recycling and reuse of contaminated wastewater produced by manufacturing facilities.

These solutions include:

  • Physico Chemical Treatment: Oil removal system using DAF / API / CPI separators
  • Neutralisation and primary sedimentation and grit removal
  • Biological Aerobic Treatment: Activated sludge process using surface and diffused aeration though carousel process, trickling filter using stone or plastic media and fixed film reactors.

Enviro Infra Engineers is a leading developer of wastewater treatment solutions in the industry. For the installation of Common Effluent Treatment Plant, we have worked with the largest enterprises, cooperative organisations and governments in India.